Rudolf Pecinovsky: OOP & Java 8 - Design of Advanced Project under Assigned Framework

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Another Guide of object oriented approach theorist Rudolf Pecinovsky.

382 pages

ISBN 978-80-87924-05-1 pdf e-book

ISBN 978-80-87924-06-8 paperback

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Majority of introductory courses of the object oriented programming presents a number of object constructions and syntax rules in certain programming language. However, mostly they do not illustrate the explained subject matter on the development of some non-trivial program, which would contain at least 20 mutually connected and cooperating classes.

This book tries to fill this gap. It should serve as a basis for repeating the lessons and, at the same time, as a guide leading the students step by step through the development of the text conversation game (adventure), which should correspond to a set of conditions. Simultaneously it should help them to learn how to work with external libraries and frameworks.

In the explanation, the passages describing what should be solved alternate with those going through the theory, how similar problem classes are solved, and with those entering the real steps for solving the assigned problem.

The application described in this book as well as the framework on which the application stands can be a reasonable inspiration for teachers who search an example for exercise not only at universities but also at a number of secondary schools teaching programming.

About the author

Rudolf Pecinovský is a graduate of Faculty of Nuclear Science and Physical Engeneering at Czech Technical University in Prague. He obtained his Ph.D. (CSc.) degree at Institute of Information Theory and Automation, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. He is a lector at Faculty of Informatics and Statistics, University of Economic, Prague, Faculty of Information Technology, Czech Technical University in Prague and at College of Information Management, Business Administration and Law. He published more than 40 textbooks.